They Say – Combining the lightness of a running shoe with the rugged durability of a trail shoe, the Terraventure 2 features a 2-density injected EVA midsole on a rugged Vibram’® XS Trek outsole. Deeper, more generously spaced lugs improve underfoot traction in mud and slush and a flexible forefoot rock plate adds protection against rocks and roots. With a fully gusseted tongue, the durable mesh and PU printed upper now features drainage ports for water release and quicker drying. A 5mm anti-microbial Ortholite® footbed resists compression set and odor and our uniquely fitted gaiter attachment makes it compatible with our stretch nylon Topo gaiter (optional and sold separately).

We Say – I love Topo shoes because of, primarily, the room they give my feet to move. The toe boxes are wide, and that’s perfect for those of us with normal to wide width feet. They also look good and offer good cushioning underfoot and protection up front. The Vibram soles are grippy and last forever. My last pair of Topo shoes gave up after about 500 miles – which is a little more than standard for trail shoes these days if you use them for running – but when I say gave up I mean the upper on one shoe split by the little toe and the cushioning collapsed a little. The soles were still fine though. Note that this split and cushion collapse didn’t stop them from continuing to be used as a trail walking shoe, it’s just when you’re running it’s a different matter.

I trust Topo, so much so that I took the new shoes straight out the box, and wore them for a 24 hour trail race. I’d ordered a half size larger than my usual to account for the foot swell that often occurs in ultras. The race consisted of 7km loops with plenty of climbs, descents and muddy bits, and on the first lap I got a few stones in my shoes so I stopped and put the gaiters on. Perfect. I ran the rest of the race, totaling 125km, without any foot issues.

The next race I wore them for was a 50km on rail trail, which was a flattish gravel path through the woods. I paired the gaiters up with them from the start and really liked the ride. No stones at all, no reason to stop, and no blisters.

I wear them now for training sessions around the local woods. Lots of rocks and roots in there, easy to trip. The shoes are light enough and, despite them being a size 12, compact enough, that I haven’t yet tripped over, which is often an issue with some shoes when you’re putting in 100km or more a week, you’re tired, and you’re running in the gloom of dawn or tree cover.

I could talk all day about the technical side of the shoe, but really, if you want that I’d advise you to go on their website as they have great info there plus a video of somebody talking you through the shoe’s main points. For me, I think it’s enough to repeat that I pulled on these shoes from the box, ran 125km over trails in them, felt good in them and didn’t get a single foot issue. That’s what I want from my running shoes.

They’ve got about 250 miles on them at the moment and are still feeling good. I expect them to last me another 250 miles or so, and they feel solid enough that if the winter closes in quick they’ll be able to handle the cold and wet. I’ll update if the winter comes soon (I hope it doesn’t though).

To discover more check the Topo site out here